Science in the Supermarket

About Science in the Supermarket

Science in the Supermarket is a trial campaign to promote studying science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) subjects to young people.

Created by a scientist originally from Crewkerne in Somerset, it aims to reach young people in regions that are under-represented in higher education. The project is currently focussed on Somerset and the South-West of England.

Science in the Supermarket works by reaching young people in a neutral third space that isn’t a university, science centre or school. The aim is to give young people a fun experience of science, while at the same time talking to parents and guardians about the benefits of studying science.

Why Somerset?

Participation in higher education varies dramatically across Somerset, with some areas ranked amongst the lowest in the country for young people going on to study at university. This is despite high achievement, young people from schools in Somerset are less likely to attend university, despite having the required A-level results. This is set against a background of a growing shortage of STEM-skilled workers in the UK, vital for the country’s economy. Contact

Project support

This project was originally funded by Imperial College London, a STEM university in London, as part of their Societal Engagement Seed Fund.

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