Science in the Supermarket

Experiments to try at home

Marvin and Milo – The Institute of Physics produces a series of cartoons featuring the characters Marvin and Milo, who carry out experiments you can try at home.

Learn Chemistry – The Royal Society of Chemistry website has a series of videos (mainly aimed at teachers) of demonstrations of different chemical phenomena.

Ask a Biologist – Arizona State University’s website has a range of biology experiments you can try.

Terrific Scientific – a range of science experiments from the BBC.

ExpeRimental – the Royal Institute have produced a series of videos featuring experiments you can try at home.

Microbit – the microbit is a miniature, low-cost (~£15) computer designed to help kids to learn computer programming. This website has lots of resources aimed to teach young people how to programme. Microbits can also be borrowed from participating libraries across the UK.


Find science events near you

Map of West Country places to visit – see our map of different science, technology, engineering locations around the West Country.

Science Live – a search engine from the British Science Association that allows you to search for science events across the country.

British Science Week – find activities being run across the country during British Science Week.


Science TV, radio and podcasts

Science programming on the BBC – at any given time, a range of scientific programmes are available from inside the UK via the BBC iPlayer.

Fun Kids Science Weekly – radio show aimed at kids exploring different science topics.

Tumble – a science podcast for kids, telling stories about science in a family-friendly way.

The Naked Scientists – long-running radio show made by scientists from the University of Cambridge. Each episode talks about different science topics, plus answers questions from listeners.

The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry – Dr Hannah Fry and Dr Adam Rutherford investigate everyday mysteries sent in by listeners, using science in a fun and quirky way.

CrowdScience – each episode explores the science behind a listener question about the world around us, for example: ‘Is hypnosis a real thing?’ or ‘Why do humans dance?’

Inside Science – each episode explores the human implications of scientific discoveries, for example: ‘Could a brain grown in a dish become sentient?’


Information about science and engineering careers

Tomorrow’s Engineers – find out what careers are possible as an engineer.

Born to Engineer – news and resources about studying engineering.

WISE Campaign (Women in Science and Engineering) – for girls interested in science or engineering. You can take the People Like Me quiz to find out what kind of career options might be best suited for you.

Prospects Science And Pharmaceuticals Graduate Jobs – list of different career options for people who’ve studied science.

Chemistry Career Profiles – list of different career options from studying chemistry, from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Physics Career Options – from an article in The Guardian.

UCAS Subject Guide – list and explanation of all different subjects that can studied at university, plus career routes.

Wessex Inspiration Network – students at selected schools in North Somerset and Wiltshire have access to higher education advisors who can offer guidance on higher education choices.


Apprenticeships and vocational routes

Get in Go Far – search for apprenticeships in England, including technician roles.

Technicians Make It Happen – read about different technicians who work in science, technology and engineering.

Not Going to Uni – a website advertising apprenticeships and non-university career options.


Financial support for university students

General information

Student Finance – UK Government website on student finance.

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) – guide to tuition fees and student loans.

Save the Student – a website dedicated to student finance and ensuring nobody is put off going to university due to a lack of money.

Student Loans Mythbusting – editorial from on student finance.

University scholarships and bursaries

The Scholarship Hub – database of university bursaries and scholarships from across the UK.

University of Bristol – scholarships and bursaries.

University of Exeter – bursaries and scholarships.

University of Bath – scholarships and bursaries.

Bournemouth University – scholarships and bursaries.

University of Southampton – scholarships and bursaries.

Cardiff University – scholarships and bursaries.

Swansea University – scholarships and bursaries.

Scholarships and bursaries for people from the West Country

The Eagle House Trust – bursary for students who have been looked after in foster/residential care in Somerset, North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

R W Barnes Bursary Grant - for students living in the postcodes BA8, BA9, BA11, looking to study maths/physics.

Bridgwater Scholarship Programme – a bursary towards first year university fees for students looking to study at high-ranking universities, medical schools or conservatoires.

The Dyke Exhibition Foundation – bursaries for students from Somerset, Devon or Cornwall.

Exeter Advancement in Life – grant scheme for student in higher education and living fifteen miles from Exeter city centre. Top